Disruptor Announces Major Investment In Bills Khakis & VA Mfg. Jobs

Companies Announce Deal Supporting 160 Russell County Jobs

At a Tuesday afternoon press conference in Lebanon, Va., Disruptor Capital CEO Pete Snyder and Bills Khakis CEO Bill Thomas announced a major investment by Virginia-based Disruptor Capital in Bills Khakis, a made-in-America, manufactured-in Virginia apparel brand.

The investment will help support 160 jobs in Russell County, Va., where LACorp—a family-owned cut-and-sew operation—manufactures approximately 120,000 pairs of Bills Khakis pants per year.

"Bills is a classic American brand and a true entrepreneurial success story. At a time when many manufacturing jobs flocked to Southeast Asia, Bills bet on the talented and hardworking people of Southwest Virginia—and the quality shows," said Disruptor CEO Pete Snyder, who also joined the Bills Khakis Board of Directors. "We're excited to make this investment in a great American business and good Virginia manufacturing jobs." Read more...

Social Media Pioneer and Disruptor Capital CEO Pete Snyder Steps Down from Fox News

Disruptor Capital CEO and Founder of New Media Strategies Peter Snyder is stepping down as a conservative on-air contributor to the Fox News Team where he made appearances several times a week on a variety of the network's news programs.

A technology entrepreneur, Snyder has spent over 20 years in the private sector and in conservative grassroots campaigns.

President of the Fox News Channel, Roger Ailes said, "Pete's been a strong and effective conservative voice at Fox News and for America and we loved having Pete as part of our team. Having known Pete for a dozen years or more, I have no doubt he has a very bright future ahead." Read more...

Disruptor Capital Announces Investment In Potomac Research Group

(Alexandria, Virginia - January 9, 2012)

Disruptor Capital CEO Pete Snyder today announced the company's lead investment in Potomac Research Group (PRG).

"PRG is a innovator and market leader in the rapidly growing policy research industry," said Snyder. "In a day and age when Washington, Wall Street and Main Street often don't speak the same language, Potomac Research Group is effectively bridging that gap, helping institutional investors understand the complex world of policy making," Snyder said.

Suzanne Clark, PRG's President and CEO, said, "Given Pete's business acumen and impressive track record with dynamic companies, we're delighted he's recognized PRG's early success and growth potential with Disruptor's lead investment."

"As an entrepreneur myself, I look for three factors for a Disruptor investment: One, is the company a disruptor or transformative company in its industry? Two, does it have solid leadership? And, three, does it have a rewarding company culture? Potomac Research Group is a transformative company in its field with strong leadership at an executive level and in its senior analyst positions and a winning culture that will fuel its growth and value for years to come."

Terms of the investment will not be made public, but Disruptor will be the largest outside shareholder of Potomac Research Group. Read more...

New Media Strategies CEO Pete Snyder to Step Down

Will Launch VC Firm, Return to Political Fray Ad Age by Cotton Delo

Five years after selling New Media Strategies to Meredith Corp. and 12 years after founding it, CEO Pete Snyder is stepping down at the end of the year to launch a venture-capital firm and return to the political world.

While social-media marketing firms are now abundant, New Media Strategies staked out its position years before there was a Facebook or a Twitter -- or even a MySpace. A former media consultant and pollster who had been working for Rudy Giuliani and corporate clients in the late '90s, Mr. Snyder said that he had his eureka moment when Wired magazine hired him to conduct a study of the "Wired Nation," and he started thinking about the volume of conversations that were already happening online on message boards and chatrooms. Read more...

New Media Strategies Founder Departs to Launch Fund

Washington Business Journal by Bill Flook

Staff Reporter Pete Snyder, a communications guru who founded New Media Strategies more than a decade ago, is departing the Rosslyn-based social media marketing consultancy to launch an early-stage investment fund.

The creation of Disruptor Capital adds to a growing roster of new seed-stage investors in the D.C. area. The Alexandria-based firm - "a solo venture" - will act as a vehicle for Snyder's angel investments, targeting startups in media-focused technology, marketing services and public affairs shops. For that third category, he sees a dearth of early-stage funding.

"There is a whole cottage industry in the Washington area of public-affairs-oriented firms that there's no real backbone of seed and angel capital for," Snyder said. "It's just an entrepreneur doing it on their own, and they grow it or they don't. I think it's a very undervalued area."

Much like other newcomers to the Washington VC market - 500 Startups and Fortify Ventures - Snyder plans to aim for exits that amount to "doubles and triples," instead of betting on the huge acquisitions or IPOs that larger venture firms depend on. He said he's looking to be "one of the first in" investors, with a typical deal size ranging from $250,000 up to about $5 million. Snyder plans to be "an active investor" for his portfolio companies.

His departure marks a big change for New Media Strategies, where he has served as CEO since founding the company in 1999. He had stayed at the helm even after NMS' 2007 acquisition by Meredith Corp.

He declined to disclose the size of the Disruptor Capital. Read the Entire Story...